Doge, Where’s my Tokens?

Doge, Where’s my Tokens?

It’s Autumn, Dogejira has been shipping since July and we’ve been continuing to work on CryptoKaiju so wanted to give everyone an update on the state of CryptoKaiju and explain where everyone’s tokens are.

As you probably know if you’re reading this post, all CryptoKaiju figures come with a non fungible token that serves as a COA or can be used when measuring provenance, however, not every batch is equal and some figures come with more than one:

Lil Pumpy:


As already announced, Dogejira comes with 2 different tokens: The Kaiju NFT and a Sandbox NFT which unlocks the Dogejira character in the Sandbox game, however, we began shipping in July and some customers have still not received either of their tokens, so one of the reasons we’ve written this blog post is to give everyone an update on where their tokens are. Firstly, we apologise to anyone who’s still waiting and hope we can rectify this soon.

CryptoKaiju Tokens

Normally when distributing tokens we mint these either manually, or in a batch and then send them to customer’s addresses. As we’ve mentioned previously, with Dogejira we wanted to improve the claiming process by including a claim card which included a QR code generated by Linkdrop, allowing the recipient to scan and add the Dogejira token to their wallet.

Dogejira arrived in the last week of June, in time for our shipping deadline of July, but we quickly found that the climate was far from ideal:

  • Shipping everything from home was slow, especially with a newborn, meaning that I (Oliver) had to work in sprints between naps, however 95% of items were sent by the 2nd week of July.
  • Gas prices were beginning to increase and while they cut into profit, it was bearable.

Knowing that items were taking 2 weeks to reach customers (On average), rather than the usual 1 due to the delays from COVID, I made the decision to mint one large batch to begin with, focus on shipping, and then mint the rest once those were shipped.

Unfortunately, and unpredictably, gas prices continued to increase, reaching levels which meant that we’d lose money on each Kaiju if we were to mint.

Lil Pumpy:

We have continued to sell Dogejira through out the summer, but have not minted one since July. Again, we apologise to those who have not yet received their token. When dispatching a figure we have added the details to the mint sheet and are constantly monitoring gas prices. As soon as they drop to an acceptable level where we won’t be losing money we will mint and distribute the remaining tokens.

Lil Pumpy:

As these items did not receive the claim card, they will be directly sent to the address provided when purchased.

If you have any questions about your token, or want to discuss it in more detail please reach out to me directly.

Sandbox Tokens

We’ve been working with the Sandbox team on the tokens and have tested the character with the game maker Alpha. The team have done a fantastic job with the character and we can’t wait for everyone to be able to play with their Dogejira in the game.

Lil Pumpy:

Last week, we confirmed the attributes and now working with the team to confirm when these will be minted. We will give another update when these are ready.

Other Tokens

Sorry, yes more tokens, but we have been working on plans for a decentralised referral and reward scheme where existing CryptoKaiju owners are rewarded for supporting the project so have worked with Roll to release a social token.

We are currently in the process of distributing tokens to existing Kaiju owners and plan on working it into the whole Kaiju ecosystem in time.

The contract can be viewed here: and more information including initial rewards can be found on Roll:

Other Plans

New figures – We’ll wrap up this post by looking forward. Currently we have 2 new Kaiju designs in development. Realistically, it is more likely that these will be released in 2021 due to the ongoing situation with COVID which has the potential to disrupt production. More information on these will be released in the coming months, but both are completely new characters and are not new dinosaurs, or colour variants.

New art – We’ve continued to create new crypto art through out 2020 and as always this is released on KnownOrigin.

The Sandbox – We have purchased land within the Sandbox and are working on Kaiju based experiences.

Vault Sale – This plan is very much dependent on gas prices, but every now and then we stumble on seriously limited amounts of stock that we thought we’d run out of (No genesis though sorry) and plan on doing a lottery or raffle to clear these now sold out items from our stock room.

Thanks again to everyone who’s purchased a figure or interacted with the project this year. Stock is now running very low for the 7″ CryptoKitty and we only have around 50 Dogejira left (All bundles are now sold out)