Frequently Asked Questions..

How CryptoKaiju Work

How Do CryptoKaiju Work?

CryptoKaiju are the world’s first vinyl toys fully traceable on a public blockchain.

The Kaiju is “Born” when we mint an ERC721 compliant non-fungible token or in simpler terms a crypto-collectible. Once on the blockchain the Kaiju has a unique identity

All the data is stored in a decentralised manner and linked to the Kaiju via a tamper-proof resistant tag in its foot.

What Happens If I Remove The Tag From My Kaiju?

The physical tag on the foot of the Kaiju collectible serves as a smart certificate of authenticity (COA) and links to a smart contract and the corresponding non-fungible token.

The tags have been purposely built to be tamper resistant and thus removal or cutting of the tag will stop it from being “scannable” and hinder your ability to prove the provenance and authenticity of your collectible.

We’ve only ever had one person do this and they were a Bitcoin SV fan, so it says it all!

What Do I Need to Interact With My Kaiju?

To use all features of CryptoKaiju you will need to be able to scan the NFC tag on the bottom of the Kaiju’s foot and will need:

  • An NFC enabled device such as a smart phone, or tablet
  • An internet connection to access the Kaiju explorer/ an Ethereum block explorer
  • An Ethereum wallet that can store non fungible tokens. We recommend MetaMask for Chrome/ Firefox or Coinbase wallet (Formally Toshi) on Android/IOS.
Do I need an Ethereum address for CryptoKaiju?

We use a smart contract to prove the provenance and authenticity of each Kaiju as well as for displaying the unique characteristics of each. Though you do not need an Ethereum address to own a CryptoKaiju it does improve the experience.

Each Kaiju is identifiable with our tamper resistant Kaiju COA tags which are linked to an ERC-721 token. All tokens not distributed will be held in cold storage by our team, but can be distributed retrospectively if proof of payment is provided. Please contact us if you need to claim your token.

How Do I Trade Kaiju?

Crypto Kaiju are comprised of 2 parts which link together to prove that each is authentic and unique.

Currently, to trade your Kaiju You would have to trade both the physical toy and the corresponding NFT token. We recommend only trading with a party who you trust, or using a 3rd party escrow.

In the future we hope to launch a platform that simplifies this process and makes trading more secure and easier for owners.

How do Unique Traits Work?

Each Kaiju is unique and is made up of several different fields

  • Name
  • D.O.B
  • Batch
  • Colour
  • 2 traits
  • A description

The characterisation process for Kaiju from the genesis batch was manual with us creating unique characters as well as taking inspiration from the crypto industry and paying homage to pop culture. With the exception of Kaiju given away to friends, each has been randomly assigned to an order.

For future batches we will be focusing on the automation of traits and may allow users to add their own names and descriptions when ordering.

How Do I Know if My Kaiju is Rare?

Within each batch of Kaiju there are chase figures which are released in limited amounts, making them scarcer than others. For example, within the genesis batch there were only 40 purple figures, and with our 2nd release there was a significantly smaller amount of Ethereum figures compared to the Bitcoin version.

In addition to this, some traits are more unique than others.

You can find out more information about the traits of your Kaiju on our Dapp, or alternatively, see all Kaiju ever minted on OpenSea

What Else Can my Kaiju do?

Currently, CryptoKaiju is a project focused on

  • Improving how provenance and authenticity are proven for physical collectibles
  • Creating really cool looking soft vinyl toys

Due to the “Open world” nature of ERC-721 we are constantly looking at new use cases for the token and plan on exploring some of these in 2019.

If you have ideas for ways in which we can advance the platform, or would like to arrange a partnership/ collaboration then please contact us.

Why Can't I See my Kaiju in Trust/Coinbase Wallet/ MetaMask?

We are currently working on integrating with major ERC-721 wallets, however, our DApp will function within the browsers of these apps.

If you are viewing the site within a DApp browser linked to your Ethereum address, you will be able to view your Kaiju by clicking “My Kaiju


What Payment Methods Are Accepted On The Site?

The primary method of payment is cryptocurrency via Coinbase commerce, however we also accept credit card payments via Stripe.

How do I Contact The CryptoKaiju Team?

The primary method of payment is cryptocurrency via Coinbase commerce, however, we also accept fiat through Stripe.

I Changed My Ethereum Address, How do I Update?

If you change your Ethereum address prior to us shipping your Kaiju, please contact us with proof of payment and we will update our records to send the NFT to your new address.

Can I Get a Refund?

Due to the custom nature of the item, refunds will only be available on items that are:

  • Not received by the customer.
  • Are delivered faulty, or damaged during delivery.


When do These Actually Ship?

We’ve seen countless false promises of “Shipping soon” both in the sofubi and cryptocurrency communities and being a personal gripe, and originally we decided to not announce the launch of the project until we were in possession of the finished products.

Genesis launched in November and Jaiantokoin in March and most items were dispatched to customers within a few days of receiving them.

In the case of our new CryptoKitty we opted to take preorders due to the high price of production and to better guage demand and as advised on the product page, these will begin to ship in September 2019.

How Quickly do You Dispatch my Items?

Typically within 48 hours of receiving and confirming the order, however on occasion during busy periods we take slightly longer and communicate this on our social channels:

How Long Does Delivery Take?

We are unable to confirm exact delivery dates, but aim to achieve the following: