How CryptoKaiju Work

CryptoKaiju are made up of 2 parts:

A Physical toy (vinyl or plush) which contains an NFC tag.


The serial number of the NFC tag is locked to the tag and then output within the metadata of the NFT, linking the 2 together.

The NFC data is written onchain, so you can lookup your Kaiju by querying our contract

The physical tag on the foot of the Kaiju collectible serves as a smart certificate of authenticity (COA) and links to a smart contract and the corresponding non-fungible token.

The tags have been purposely built to be tamper resistant and thus removal or cutting of the tag will stop it from being “scannable” and hinder your ability to prove the provenance and authenticity of your collectible.

We’ve only ever had one person do this and they were a Bitcoin SV fan, so it says it all!

To use all features of CryptoKaiju you will need to be able to scan the NFC tag on the bottom of the Kaiju’s foot and will need:

  • An NFC enabled device such as a smart phone, or tablet
  • An internet connection to access the Kaiju explorer/ an Ethereum block explorer
  • An Ethereum wallet that can store non fungible tokens. We recommend MetaMask for Chrome/ Firefox or Coinbase wallet

To mint a Kaiju you will need an Ethereum wallet capable of storing a Non Fungible Token (NFT).

Crypto Kaiju are comprised of 2 parts which link together to prove that each is authentic and unique.

Currently, to trade your Kaiju You would have to trade both the physical toy and the corresponding NFT token. We recommend only trading with a party who you trust, or using a 3rd party escrow.

In the future we hope to launch a platform that simplifies this process and makes trading more secure and easier for owners.

The best place to trade is via our Discord!

Each Kaiju is unique and is made up of several different fields which you can see in the NFT metadata:

Name – Each Kaiju has a unique name. some of them are named after celebrities or people who’ve made important contributions to the development of encryption/ decentralised technology (Lots are named after singers in bands or rappers).

D.O.B – Sometimes this is unique, sometimes it’s the mint date.

Batch – Batch refers to the batch that the Kaiju was released in (Genesis for example)

Colour – Refers to the colour of the figure. We use the term “Colour” pretty loosely, but it is always used to differentiate between the toy within the batch.

Skill/ Class – Normally used to define the personality of the Kaiju. 

A Description – Explains the Kaiju’s interests and personality. 

NFC ID – Each NFC ID is unique (Scan the foot of your physical Kaiju to check this out.)

Newer Kaiju Post Meme

Meme was the last Kaiju where the NFT was minted by us: We have now updated our contracts and built a Merkle Minter so people can mint their own Kaiju, this has added several improvements: 

  • Generative images
  • New traits.

Within each batch of Kaiju there are chase characters which are released in limited amounts, making them scarcer than others. For example, within the Sushi batch there were only 5 Mr Wasabi , and with our 2nd release there was a significantly smaller amount of Ethereum figures compared to the Bitcoin version.

In addition to this, some traits are more unique than others.

You can find out more information about the traits of your Kaiju by visiting our collection page on Opensea

We are committed to building new and exciting experiences that link physical toys to the digital world:

  • Some Kaiju include assets that let you play with/as them in decentralised worlds such as The Sandbox.
  • Kaiju holders are given early access to new releases and merchandise 

No, CryptoKaiju are adult collectibles intended for display purposes, they are developed to be purchased and enjoyed by adults only. We do not reccomend giving them to children.


To mint a Kaiju you will need Ethereum + enough gas to cover the cost of the transaction.

Merchandise can be paid for via Stripe/ Paypal as well as with crypto.

Email/ Discord/ Twitter or via the Conact us Page.

Due to the custom nature of the item, refunds will only be available on items that are:

  • Not received by the customer.
  • Are delivered faulty, or damaged during delivery.


Shipping differs per batch but is always advised at the time of purchase. Typically this tends to be 1- 2 weeks after release.

As we are a small team, it can take a few weeks to process all items.

Delivery depends on your location. We are based in the UK and typically expect an item to be received within 10 days of us mailing it, though this can be longer during busy periods (Holidays etc.)