It’s easy to get started with CryptoKaiju. Follow the steps below and you’ll be ready in no time.

Purchasing Your CryptoKaiju

We recommend purchasing your CryptoKaiju using cryptocurrency, though we also accept fiat payments via Stripe.

Though not essential for owning a CryptoKaiju, to enjoy the full benefits we recommend supplying us with an Ethereum address linked to a wallet that supports the ERC-721 standard. We recommend Metamask, Trust Wallet, or Coinbase Wallet (Formally Toshi)

Coinbase Wallet
IOS | Android

IOS | Android

*Do not use an Ethereum wallet address from a provider who doesn’t support smart contracts, for example, those held on exchanges. we always recommend that you hold your own private keys.

On the day that your Kaiju is dispatched, we will send confirmation and distribute your Kaiju token to you. At this point, you will be able to access the DAPP via an enabled browser to see the digital attributes of your toy as well as which colour you’ve been assigned.

Alternatively, if not accessing the site through a DApp browser, you will be able to look up the information in a block explorer using the transaction information provided in your dispatch confirmation.

The Tag ID within the smart contract refers to the physical ID of the toy. This is based on the unique ID of the chip within the foot of the toy and can’t be cloned, or changed.

Once You’ve Received Your Kaiju

Delivery dates vary, but we will always use the fastest delivery service available and will advise an estimate within the confirmation of dispatch email.

Upon receiving your CryptoKaiju, check that the NFC sticker is firmly attached and that it has not been torn or tampered with prior to delivery.

Use an NFC enabled device and scan the tag on the foot of your collectible. This will reveal the attributes of your Kaiju and should match the Meta information from your token. Ensure that the token ID’s match and if not, please contact us.

You can use our DApp to lookup your Kaiju by token ID, or the ID of the NFC tag. If viewing in a DApp linked to your Ethereum address, clicking “My Kaiju” will display details of the collectibles you own.

For other questions please consult our FAQs section, or alternatively contact us.