Claim Your Spangle Figure

Login using the Ethereum address you used to mint your Async Blueprints NFT to claim your Spangle figure.


Who is Eligible?

You must currently own an Async CryptoKaiju blueprint NFT.

How do I claim my physical Kaiju ?

The process is really simple, login using a Web3 browser by using the button above which will login you into the site, then navigate to the Spangle product page.

If you are holding an Async CryptoKaiju blueprint, purchasing options will be active. Simply checkout as normal.

Does each figure look different?

No, all physicals are the main Spangle design – In some instances this will look like your Async NFT, in other instances, your Async NFT will be wearing cool accessories or pulling a different facial expression.

The login button isn't showing, help!

This is most likely because you are signed in via a non Web3 method, sorry! The current solution was built as an interim, it’s not perfect, sorry and sometimes the button won’t show for an account that the system considers to be logged in.

Please log out, then revisit this page to prompt the login to show.

How do I claim my Kaiju NFT?

You should already have your Async NFT when you minted.

The Kaiju NFT containing provenance data (NFC ID etc.) are coming soon – Again, this will be a claim process where you will be able to mint one (If you wish).

The Kaiju NFT will look similar to your Async NFT and will inherit all rarity traits.

I Minted multiple Async NFTs, do I have to do this multiple times?

Nope, don’t worry! Just enter the qty you purchased in your basket when you checkout – All orders will be subject to manual checks anyway, so we’ll ensure that the amount of physicals shipped matches the amount of NFTs minted.

How do I know how rare my Async NFT is ?

Manually via Opensea , however we are in the process of collating all data and will add this as a .CSV (Likely in Discord) soon.

When does shipping start?

Shipping begins W.C 21st February 2022. Please check our Twitter for regular shipping updates.

It's not working for me, help!

Dont fret, we’ve got your Kaiju and are looking after it for you, just drop us a message on Twitter/ Discord/ Email and we’ll figure something out!