Monster Marathon Subscription Box


Our very limited Monster Marathon subscription box ensures that you’ll have the latest CryptoKaiju delivered straight to your door every time we release a new character.

Genesis has been and gone, so buying the box set will begin with Jaiantokoin

Colours and styles will be chosen at random, however, we will ensure that subscribers receive at least one rare item within the 12 dispatched, all of which can be proven within our DApp.

Subscribers will also be other perks including:

  • Quicker shipping
  • Beta access to new features
  • Priority access to special offers, collaborations, and new projects
  • Free merchandise

Please remember to include your Ethereum address when purchasing to enable us to send your NFT (Do not use an exchange address)

Note: This item replaces the now discontinued monthly subscription box. We aim to release a new figure every 2-3 months.

Monster Marathon Subscription Box
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