This little guy is sort of Meme themed, sort of not! To cut a long story short: We spoke about doing a Meme themed Kaiju with 2 really lovely members of their team who were really into the idea, they’ve since left and the grumpy new bloke there doesn’t like it. Still, they won’t sue us for using the name “Meme” and we still think it’s a pretty good platform, so there we go!

  • 5.5″ tall vinyl dino (harder vinyl than previous dinos)
  • Matte finish
  • Pineapple logo on front pouch
  • Limited to 130 pcs
  • Includes NFT (Various designs, one will be chosen at random when issued)

Shipping starts 1st of October with minting to start ASAP. This product is priced to incorporate minting costs, sorry things are more expensive, Gas ain’t cheap!!!

P.S, please don’t do the thing that some people do where they type “Same address as last time” etc. We delete our data every few months and it just slows down your orders.

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