Introducing Our Most Purrfect Collectible Yet!

Reasons to love our new Cryptokitty toy 😻..

New Project (4)

Pawsome Design!

7.5" high quality vinyl toy (Our biggest Kaiju yet!) Available in 2 colourways: Cinderella (Blue) & Cottoncandy (Pink) available In a limited qty.


Backed by a CryptoKitty 1:1

Each CryptoKitty toy is backed 1:1 by a CryptoKitty NFT (Similar looking Cymric tiger style Kitty in the same colour as the toy)

Kaiju-NFC copy

Kaiju Tech

Each kaiju toy contains a tamper-resistant, NFC enabled certificate of authenticity that is linked to our ERC-721 compliant smart contract

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Out of stock

How CryptoKaiju Works..

Attached to each collectible is an encrypted, tamper-resistant NFC chip that contains a unique I.D
The ID of the tag is used when minting the ERC-721 token, mapping the unique tag ID to a unique non fungible token I.D
Individual character and physical traits for each Kaiju are stored via IPFS.
The smart contract can be queried to prove the authenticity of each Kaiju as well as revealing the unique characteristics of each.